For only $250.00 USD you can book me as your Virtual Doula!


Nikko Natural LLC is now offering Virtual Doula services!

Nikko Natural's Virtual Doula Services has been created to:

  • Prepare mothers for the process of giving birth in hospitals, birth centers, etc.

  • Educate mothers on all of their possible options for labor

  • Help mothers feel confident about giving birth in settings that limit and or restricts Doulas or birth partners from being present

As Covid-19 makes it hard for us to live our "normal" lives as usual, Nikko Natural LLC has created a way to serve mothers in need, all around the world, as their full-time Doula!

Virtual Doula Services can include:

  • Video Support (optional)
  • Tips and tricks for expecting moms
  • Ways to speed up labor
  • Informational Meets with your Doula
  • Mommy Mental Wellness check ins
  • "Affirmation Fridays" -Receive a positive affirmation phone call or text message every Friday at 9 AM CST (optional)
  • Facts from Nikko Natural's Favorite birthing books
  • Recommendations on what to pack inside your hospital bag
  • Video call your Doula before or during labor! we'll go through everything we planned, together!

-Full access to your Doula Via Video Chat, Email, text, Google Meet, and/or phone! (Responses via Email may take up to 1-2 business days)

-The Birth planning process

-Preparation for giving birth alone in hospital settings

-Many resources for Expecting parents to use!

-Labor Inducing Recipes

-Spiritual Boost -When worry makes an appearance in your life, and you become anxious, Pray over the phone with your Doula! (optional)

-Nikko Natural's favorite mommy podcasts

Set up your free consultation now to learn more!